Yes, provided there is enough space above for Sectional or tilt doors or on the side for roller doors. If there is enough space we can provide supply and installation of the motor
Yes, if your door is automatic we can supply and install a Remootio device on your existing or new motor which will turn it into a smart device and your mobile phone into your remote. With the REMOOTIO, your mobile phone can control your garage door or Gate from anywhere, anytime. Perfect for easy house entry without having to carry remotes around! Share keys with up to 20 family members! It also works with Google & Alexa!! With many many more features for your convenience. Find out more with https://www.automaticgaragedoors.com.au/request-a-quote/ or call/SMS 0468333234
There are a number of reasons your garage door could be making noise, but the most common is age and your garage door chains, pulleys, springs and other moving parts may also need a garage door service. Garage door parts become loose over time and they require to be lubricated. Having regular services should help prevent this from happening. This will help ensure your door is working effectively.
Newer electric openers replace the need for a lock. If you have an older opener, check to see if you can lift your door from the outside. We do not recommend installing a lock with an opener. Activating a door opener when the door is physically locked may damage the door and motor. You may consider a lock if you do not intend to have an automatic garage door opener.
One of the most common reasons for a broken garage door spring is general wear and tear. Over time, the continual opening and closing weakens the springs, and eventually, this weakness reaches its breaking point. This breaking point not only renders your springs ineffective, it can also be extremely dangerous. Keep in mind, the average lifecycle of a garage door spring is 10,000 cycles. If taking into account average daily use (4 cycles), this equates to a 7 year lifecycle. After these 10,000 cycles, replacement may be needed.
The remote works on radio signals. Variables such as location, radio interference in the area, and battery strength can influence the signal. We recommend operating the door from a within 20m but only when the door is in clear sight of the operator
We can dispose of your old door for a small additional fee if needed.
Yes, if your door is a sectional door in some cases you can, however depending upon the damage involved, the entire door may need to be replaced and depending on any fading from the sun the colour may not be an exact match.
The opener is sensing an obstruction or operational resistance – this could be a physical object in the doorway or perhaps the door is binding or not running as freely as it should during its travel. The force margin settings may need to be adjusted and retested. If there is no physical obstruction then this is often a sign the door and opener are due for maintenance or service, please ozstrong or contact a professional garage door technician
All motors are equipped with a manual release mechanism. These Mechanisms can vary from the different motor types. Please call OzStrong if you are unsure on 0468333234
We recommend that you have your garage door serviced every 1-2 years. Springs & fixings may lose tension over time causing the opener to work harder than it needs to. This may cause the opener to reverse unnecessarily or even take years off the lifespan if gone unresolved. Servicing will also help get rid of unwanted noises such as screeching etc