Sectional Door Openers - Sydney, Penrith, Windsor & Campbelltown

While manual Sectional Door works pretty well, making it automatic by installing Sectional Door openers would make the garage door experience a lot better. They not only add to convenience by letting you open the door from the comfort of your car without getting out but also add a host of security and safety features.

We provide Sectional Door openers of highly reputed brand Steel-Line which produced Sectional door openers that adheres to the Australian standards of high quality and makes use of time tested technology which makes it a great choice.

Sectional Door Openers

Top-quality Sectional Door Openers - Sales & Service

We install, replace, upgrade and repair garage doors and their openers for our customers. All of our doors are durable and have a host of safety and security features.

However, based on the usage criteria and other factors, Steel-Line produces different door openers that cater to different needs. The two main series of Sectional Door openers it produces are SD & Marantec Door. Let has a brief look at each variant of them:

SD 800 & 1200 openers:
SD800 is a great choice for operating with residential garage doors. It’s rated door area is up to 2 sqm and has a max peak pulling force of 800N. SD 1200 is a more powerful version in the series. It’s rated door area is up to 18.5sqm and has a max peak pulling force of 1200N.

Marantec Comfort 270, 280 & 380 Sectional Door Openers:
Marantec Comfort 270 & 280 are engineered and manufactured in Germany and of them, Comfort 280 could door weighing max upto 200kg aad has a Push/Pull force of 1000N, while Comfort 270 could work with door weighing max upto 165 kg and Push/pull force of 750N.

Marantec Comfort 380 is a heavy duty motor that is especially designed for cyclone reginos. It can work with doors up to 20m and weighing upto 220kg.

We have been providing garage door openers services for over 6 years locally in Sydney, Penrith, Campbelltown & Windsor. You can be assured that we service your needs well!

Steel-line Sd800
Fully installed with 5 years motor, 2 years electronics warranty
Merlin MS105MYQ Commander Elite
Fully installed with 7 years warranty